Top 5 must-have baby items you might not have thought of adding to your registry

Everyone knows you should buy a cot of sorts for your baby and have some way to feed them (breast milk, or formula we don’t judge). But what about all of the baby other stuff? There are just so many gadgets and things on the market for babies these days, how do you know what to get? How much stuff do you really need? Our Doula clients often ask us to guide them to find what they need, so we have compiled a list of our top 5 must have baby items that you might not have thought of adding to your Baby shower registry.

1. A nappy bag

…but not just any nappy bag, at Life Journey Doulas we highly recommend getting a back pack nappy bag (say that 10 times fast). Not only will it mean that everyone feels comfortable using it(I’m looking at you, Jerry), but it also frees up your hands. With a tiny newborn in tow you don’t want to continually need to be swinging the satchel at your side out of the way just so you can take care of your little. It’s annoying. Trust us… go hands free.

We LOOOOVE this bag from Ree Collective . It’s reasonably priced, good quality, has all the pockets you’ll ever need, and it comes in some amazing colours!

2. A Stretchy wrap

Speaking of hands-free, every new parent should learn the benefits of a baby wearing. Having your baby snuggled up close to you has the most amazing physiological and psychological effects. Best of all though, baby wearing frees up your hands so that you can still do life at a semi-normal rate. While there are loads of options available, we’ve found that most new parents seem to master a Stretch Wrap pretty quickly.

The Noo Noo Pie Tie in grey is a classic. It matches most outfits and is made from only the best materials. Shop for one here

3. Dummy clips

Whether you are planning on giving your baby a dummy or not, these magical things are super versatile. Not only can you use Dummy clips to make sure your little’s dummy doesn’t disappear (though that’s what dummies do best), you can use them to attach toys to your pram or baby’s clothes or high chair. You can use the clip to hold a blanket shut over their car chair while they sleep. It’s also not unheard of to use a dummy clip as a hair tie, because sometimes mom brain means you forget where you left your scruchie. We would also advise getting a few of these, because like scrunchies, dummies, hair clips, Tupperware lids and socks, they have also mastered the disappearing act.

Look at the gorgeous personalised dummy clips Tiny Kreations made for Irene-Louise van Wyk’s baby girl, Kelsey

4. A sleep sack

So many of our doula clients have referred to sleep sacks as some version of a ‘sanity saver’. A baby sleep sack helps to bundle your baby up to keep them warm while they sleep, without having to figure out an intricate way to fold and tuck a blanket in. Many of them work as a swaddle too, keeping your little one’s arms tucked in so that they don’t startle themselves awake. And they come in different sizes! No more having to wrangle with a blanket that’s seven times too big for your baby, or worrying that they’ve kicked the blanket off. Sleep sacks solve a lot of new parent blanket and safe sleep anxiety. They are definitely worth investing in.

Love to Dream stock a range of stunning sleep sacks. This one is called the
Swaddle UP™ 50/50 / Transition Bag  and is the great way to transition your baby from being fully swaddling to having their arms free

5. A Doula

If you are looking to hire a birth and/or postpartum doula to support you through your birth and early parenting journey, you should definitely include their services on your Baby Shower wishlist. At Life Journey Doulas we have gift cards available, that your friends and family can purchase for you to redeem against any of our services. Gifting a doula makes a pretty unique present too.

If you have any questions or want to find out how to get your loved ones to gift you a Life Journey Doula please contact us