The Plan

Today a good friend called me a visionary. Big word that. Visionary. But what good is a visionary without action?

You see my vision is to shake up the doula world in South Africa. To shift the status quo…a little. Doulas by their nature are kind-hearted, and in South Africa  too many are afraid to charge what they are worth. They end up doing their heartwork for free. Which is all fine and well until they can’t pay for their fuel, child care, or even put food on their table(read here why you should pay for your doula). Many of the Doulas in South Africa want to do their heart-work, but the idea of starting and running a business is much too daunting, so they either continue their day jobs and volunteer when they can, or we lose their great doula-ness forever. And that, my friends, is a great tragedy!

While it is slowly becoming a profession that people make use of, too many people in South Africa  still don’t even know what a doula is. My own friends had to ask me how to pronounce it.

Doo-lah …in case you’re one of them.

Even though you can now pronounce it, you still might not know what a doula is, and you won’t know what they do, or how beneficial they are to you. And you sure as heck won’t be willing to pay for something that you don’t know anything about.

I have a plan to change all of it though.

For the doulas.

For the people who need us.

I have a plan to make everyone see the value in what doulas in South Africa offer.

I have a plan to get all the great doulas doing their heartwork without the hardwork.

And when these two plans meet, our heartworking, hardworking doulas will be able to support so many more families through life’s big transitions, and at the same time their passion will become a profession.

Love and Light


If you’re still wondering what the frik a doula is… check out this blog post I wrote about it

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