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Once your baby is born life as you know it changes drastically: the sleep you once cherished is cut down, your body has changed and your relationship dynamics shift.


At Life Journey Doulas we understand the challenges that come with adding a member to your family and have a number of solutions to help you along the way. 


Our Postpartum Doulas are trained to help you settle into a new routine. They will visit you at your home to guide you into finding things that work for your family. They will help you take care of your newborn, get some much needed rest, and most importantly they will be there to listen to you. To give you the space to air out all your feelings, good or bad, without judgement. They will provide you with evidence based information and resources to help you find the best solutions for your family.


Once your little one has made their way into the world, you can move from our Bumps Dance Classes into our Babes Class. We encourage all parents to join in the class, it is a great way to bond as a family and also gets you back into the groove for working out again.


Life Journey Doulas has also set up Parenting Support Groups in various areas in Johannesburg, Pretoria and across Gauteng, it is a safe space for new parents to meet up to chat about parent life and make new friends. We cover a different informational topic at each meeting and love the input of our parents to guide us in helping them find the knowledge that they need. If you need a space to vent, or laugh or cry about this crazy journey called parenthood with people who understand, we've got you covered!


Part of Life Journey Doulas' Postpartum services includes Newborn and Family Photography. Your little oneis going to grow up so quickly, make sure you capture every moment to cherish forever.


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