Life Journey Doulas has a team of Birth Doulas available across Gauteng to support you through the birth of your baby. Whether you birth your baby naturally or via C-section a Birth Doula will be able to provide you with objective emotional and informational support. Our doulas are trained to empower you and reduce your fears, they can guide you to make your birth fun and exciting!


We also have several doulas who operate as Sibling Doulas, to provide support to your older children as they welcome a new sibling into their lives. A Sibling Doula will teach your children about the birth process in an age appropriate way, answer any questions that they have and help them feel secure as their family grows. Your Sibling Doula will also be on call for the birth of your new baby so that you can be confident that there will be someone to look after and prepare your children to meet their new sibling.


Our preferred photographers are also skilled at capturing the magnifcent moments when your child is born.


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